US Surfboard Championship


The photo on this hangtag, taken by pioneering surf documentarian Ron Church, captures the pre- eminent competition of the 60s surf boom: The U.S. Championships in Huntington Beach, CA. Snapped from the south side of Huntington Beach Pier in Sep- tember 1963, it is part of a limited stock of evidence uncovering this seminal event, which featured the talents of Mickey Muñoz, David Nuuhiwa and Phil Edwards among a host of celebrated watermen. Once reserved only for intrepid sets of coastal thrill-seekers, by the early 1960s surfing was a bona fide commercial phenomenon, robust enough to support a groundswell of both cutting-edge board designers and novelty beachwear peddlers. Set to this booming backdrop, the surf contest—formerly a sleepy beach town ritual—became a critical pillar of the sport’s modern era; a means for sponsors to showcase the grace and skill of their flag-bearing riders. Over time, Huntington Beach would lay claim to the title of “Surf City USA” and evolve into the undeniable contest capital of the world. This t-shirt reproduces the jersey lockup from one of its first true surf carnivals. 

  • Cotton Jersey
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Made in USA
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