Costacos Brothers - Black and Blue


Edition of 50

John Costacos: “In the contract, he had to be out the door 60 minutes after he walked in. That was the problem—it was just a time issue. It’s not that he was being a jerk, nor were his agents, Richard and Suzanne. We just said it was only going to take an hour and they put that in the contract. So Bo walks in the door, looks at me and goes ‘60 minutes right?’ And I’m thinking, ‘Well I guess he’s serious about this,’ so I’m like, ‘No problem!’ So the Nike people brought the shorts up for him because he had to wear Nike stuff and there was a big three-to-four-inch rip right in the crotch. We were all laughing about that like, ‘Thanks a lot!’ We were on a strict timeline and we weren’t sure if the Nike people were our friends or enemies because they were selling posters too! So we had Bo stand in for some test shots while somebody sewed them up and we stuck him in there for the shot. For the props, we went through the commercials that he had done for the ‘Bo Knows’ ad campaign—they had Bo fishing and surfing and all these other activities that weren’t his sports— and put all the equipment in the shot. We even got a replica of Bo Diddley’s red guitar. And we had him out the door in 45 minutes!”

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