Muhammad Ali - Bank

The first issue of seminal New York counterculture magazine Avant Garde appeared in January of 1968 and included an unusual feature on Muhammad Ali. Rather than a standard interview or profile, Ali was asked to make a series of drawings while a reporter recorded his running commentary. Then suffering through the first of what would be three years of government-imposed boxing exile, Ali was primarily focused on the political. He drew Watts, Vietnam and the Kentucky court that had rejected his status as a conscientious objector. But for the ring scene which appears on the front of this card, he reprised his once and future role as the heavyweight champion of braggadocio. He explained it like this: “A lot of people ask me how do I feel after winning a fight and what do I think about after the man is lying down and the referee is counting over him, as you see here in the picture. All I think about is running to the bank and collecting my money!”
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