NY Sports Phone

Before iPhones, before the internet, before the ubiquitous highlight, before beepers even, there was only one way to get scores on demand—SportsPhone. "Get all the sports news instantly dial 976-1313!" For 50 cents a pop, you could hear a recording of Don LaGreca, Bob Papa, Michael Kay and other future broadcast stars and washouts reading the baseball, basketball, football or hockey scores you desperately needed. But you had to be careful, because it showed up as it's own line item on the phone bill, and if you got into the habit of checking the in-game updates every fifteen minutes you could easily rack up a tab that would have Pop Dukes reaching for the belt. It was SportsCenter meets phone sex, the ultimate guilty pleasure.

• Triblend grey jersey fabric
• Designed in NYC
• Made in USA
Sold Out

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