Thunderbird Hotel
The days when a fighter's training itself could be a draw for a hotel in the Catskills or Las Vegas are gone now, disappeared with 15-round title bouts and the voice of Don Dunphy. But before the pay-per-view era, in addition to the public relations value of having every pre-fight story in the papers mention the establishment, a hotel could actually sell tickets to watch the training.
This t-shirt commemorates one the most iconic of those training camp haunts, The Thunderbird Hotel, which hosted legions of fighters over the years, including the great Floyd Patterson and his fearsome nemesis, Sonny Liston. Iconic photos and film were shot of Liston training at the Thunderbird wearing this t-shirt, punishing his sparring partners and skipping rope to what became known as his theme song, James Brown's Night Train.
All aboard. All Aboard. The Night Train.
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